Thursday, 24 March 2011

I have never noticed so many 'absent' hijabis by this I mean they are wearing hijab but completely oblivious that people can see them and of course are judging our beautiful religion by observing them and it saddens and disgusts me when I see hijabis acting improper and not in accordance with Islam now I know there may be some sisters who will say who am I to judge but I am not judging just merely commenting upon my own observations but also it is also up to sisters when we see a hijabi doing wrong NOT to lecture but gently whisper in their ear or take them to one side and explain the consequences of their actions and others' perception of Islam from what they are doing and if it is received well or not is irrelevant because Allah s.w.t knows you had the intention to do good and that is what gives you the barakah of Allah s.w.t!!!
e.g. hijabis smoking, hijabis publicly snogging guys on a bus, train, shopping centre, etc. (notice I mention 'snogging' not a quick peck on a husband's cheek and this is because quite often married couples never act like that and it is only the unmarried hijabis cavorting with boyfriends or fiances that act like this as they have not been made for each other yet through the act of marriage and so can't quite their desires in check...sad but very true!), hijabis browsing for alcohol (for whatever reason) in the middle of a supermarket in clear view of others, hijabis entering or leaving pubs...PUBS! for goodness sake get it together ladies!, hijabis in THE tightest spray-on jeans known to man with at least a litre bottle of perfume doused on their clothes and 5-inches of makeup cake onto their face...seriously ladies is this observing hijab???, hijabis swearing loudly on their phones in public (again...use of such profanity is NOT classy or islamic so leave it at home in fact you shouldn't even swear try reciting: 'Au'thu Billahi Min-Ash Shaytanir-Rajim' ('I Seek Refuge from the accursed Satan')

Well, those were just my observations ladies NOT to lecture but to keep you aware of what is happening within our sisterhood and to maybe make others think twice...please don't think of me as snobby for writing how I do I write this because I care and I want Heaven to be full of Muslims insha'

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